People operate… with beliefs and biases. To the extent you can eliminate both and replace them with data, you gain a clear advantage.

- Michael Lewis, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

What Do We Do and Why?

BravoTwo4 was created in conjunction with Sport Testing Inc., to ensure all athletes, regardless of popularity, ability, race, gender, age, politics or socioeconomic background are treated and provided with an equal opportunity to grow as an individual and athlete in the sport(s) of their choice.


BravoTwo4 alongside Sports Science Inc. guarantees the most accurate testing results available. After being tested, athletes, coaches and organizations will have access to Sport Testing Inc.’s exclusive online database. Here you will be able to review test scores and compare them to other athletes within your own combine or at a global level to see where you rank. Additionally, athletes can use their individual test scores to make adjustments to their own training and skill development programs to help reach their highest potential. BravoTwo4 can also provide training suggestions and programs to increase athletic performance and results.

We provide standardized tests that measures sport specific speed, agility, and strength, this data can then be used for athlete evaluations, goal setting, research, or a variety of other purposes. We can also work with clients to create customizable tests to meet their purpose. Whether it’s identifying new talent, measuring performance or holding an athlete accountable; BravoTwo4 can provide data on how to improve athlete’s performance and building more cohesive, well-balanced teams.


Our event management team can work with your team or organization and assist in evaluations and provide accurate and unbiased data for the player selection process. We can take your event to the next level by bringing leaders in personal trainers, sport specific skills coaches, dieticians, sports psychologists /mental training, drug testers, and concussion experts.

Our mission is to maximize individual athletic potential, while building self-esteem, having fun and maintaining integrity throughout the process.

How Do We Do This?

Trained, impartial testers use the most advanced sports testing technology, standardized tests and analysis to evaluate individual athletes and provide them with the most accurate results available.


We suggest testing athletes before, during and at the end of their sports season. This process provides accountability, honesty and growth to the athlete. We do the testing. We provide the results. We make suggestions and referrals. It’s up to the athlete to make the effort, follow through and hold themselves accountable in their training regime. Testing won’t determine an athlete’s success, it will however provide them with facts, strengths and areas of improvement.

Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles talk about how we work and relate to each other as coworkers, athletes, families, coaches and suppliers. These principles are at the core of everything we do; they drive our decision making, they help us with our planning, and they guide us in our daily interactions.

1. Sports are Meant to be Fun
Sports are meant to fun and the testing should be as well. We will work with athletes to ensure that the test and testing environment is something they enjoy and want to do again. We carry an attitude that is genuine and fun while maintaining a level of professionalism.


2. Provide Accurate and Relevant Information
It is imperative that the data we provide data is as accurate as possible, our clients are depending on the results to make their decisions. Therefore, our equipment needs to use the latest technology and be maintained and in good working order at all times. Also, our processes for set up, take down and processing the data must be efficient and have built in checks and balances. It is also not enough to hand our clients numbers, the data must presented in a meaningful manner.


3. Great Service
Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, recruiter, tester, friend or bystander each and every person should have a positive testing experience. We will interact with everyone professionally, objectively, with integrity, respect, dignity and honesty. We will not and are not able to alter results.


4. Solid Profits
It is a well-known fact that sports come at a financial cost to many families. BravoTwo4 relies on consistent contributions from its athletes in order to invest in new technology and on-going training. It is our hope to keep costs affordable and accessible. Attaining healthy profits requires a concerted and consistent contribution from athletes, coaches, teams, and
families. In order to maintain integrity, we make sure all invested parties are educated about the financial workings of the business.


We want to make our profit work for our staff, our growth and our community. We reinvest our profits directly back into the business. We share profits with the staff. We give back to our community through donations of money, time and products.

We are committed to being fiscally responsible in our work. We spend according to our means. We are willing to delay gratification in order to build long-term rewards. We are a growth business. We are committed to healthy, productive expansion and growth of our sales, consistent with our mission and our principles.


5. Learning / Training
In order to provide accurate testing and results, BravoTwo4 employees are required to stay up to date on standardized testing methodology, including regular training on equipment knowledge and testing. The science of technology is always evolving and BravoTwo4 will evolve with it in order to provide continued proven results. As firm believers in Kaizen or continuous improvement, we are always learning to be better and more efficient. Constantly researching new technology and keeping up to


6. Community
Sports bring people together and BravoTwo4 Athletics believes in equal access and opportunity for all athletes. Giving back to community with events throughout the city is just one way we plan on making sure all athletes have an equal opportunity to maximize their potential. We live and work in the Edmonton area and want our contributors to be proud of their community and want to give back to it as well.


7. Relationships
Successful working relationships are an essential component of our success as a business. We want to build long-term, positive, lasting relationships in all of our interactions. We do this by going the extra mile, engaging in mutually respectful and honest interactions, working with like-minded businesses that share similar values to ours. We will always maintain integrity amongst professionals, staff, coaches, athletes, competitors, organizations and partnering agencies.


We seek out like-minded businesses to develop an effective support network for ourselves. We work with them to share information and ideas and we give back through seminars, articles and participation in industry events.



In partnership with Sport Testing Inc., BravoTwo4 provides on and off ice tests that are designed to assist hockey players with their skating and skill development. We test using the same technology, equipment, and standardized tests that are utilized in the NCAA, CHL, CJHL and National Hockey League.

Testing Requirements & Fees


  • Minimum 1½ hours on-ice – ½ hr. on-ice setup, 1 hr. on-ice testing.
  • Maximum of 30 athletes per 1 hour session
  • Team coaches involved on-ice as testing staff.
  • Positional players only (goalie only testing is an option).
  • Testing can be done at team’s home/local rink or at a site agreed upon by both parties.
  • Recommend testing more than one team per visit (back-to-back sessions, combined times).
  • Maximize development impact – test during the fall and end of season to make comparisons.



In partnership with Sport Testing Inc., BravoTwo4 provides on and off field tests that are designed to assist soccer players with their running and ball handling development. We test using the same technology, equipment, and standardized tests that are utilized in the NCAA, CIS, and various leagues world wide.

Testing Requirements & Fees


  • Coaches involved on-field as testing staff.
  • Testing can be done at team’s home/local field or at a site agreed upon by both parties.
  • Recommended testing more than one team per visit (back-to-back sessions, combined times).
  • Maximize development impact – test during the fall and end of season to make comparisons.

We also provide protocol testing for Lacrosse, Ringette, Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.  

We can test your athletes using our standardized tests or work with your organization for customized testing.

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